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Bobo Cat Loves Being Vacuumed

We all know that in most cases cats and vacuum cleaners don’t fit well together. Usually the cats are afraid of the sound and start running away as soon as possible and as far as they can.

But that’s not the case in today’s video. This video shows that it surely isn’t always like this. Meet Bobo the cat, who really loves being vacuumed. It looks like there is no better thing than laying on his back and waiting for the air to suck its fluffy belly. A bit on the left side, a bit on the right and purrr in the middle. Even vacuuming his paws feels great, who would have thought…

What about your cat? Is the sound of vacuum cleaner your pet’s favorite sound? Or is your poor kitty scared of the big loud machine like most of the other cats? Share your thoughts with us.