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Essential Tips for Feeding Kittens

If you have recently acquired a kitten, or are expecting a litter from your mama cat soon, you may be wondering what they should eat, and how often after they are weaned from their mother. Kittens are rambunctious, they expend ...

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Declawing Cats: Pros and Cons

The declawing of cats, or onychectomy, is the process of nail removal that amputates a cat’s third and final toe bones. Usually this procedure involves only the front paws, but can include the back at times. There are very few ...

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Bathing a Cat – Know-how

Bathing your cat is important – you may not think you need to since they are fastidious creatures that are constantly involved in self-grooming, but that doesn’t mean they will never need a bath. The sooner you start giving your ...

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