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Distraction: Cat Walks Dog

Have you ever seen a cat walking a dog? Yes, you’ve read correctly, in today’s video you can see a dog on a leash with a cat in charge. If you have no time to walk your dog, get yourself ...

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Dancing Chorus Line of Kittens

Five furry kittens, five reasons to be happy. If you are not in a good mood at the moment, this video will change your mood state for sure. Do you want to bet? In today’s video you can see five ...

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Cats Vs Dogs – Supercut Compilation

Probably you are familiar with the phrase »to fight like cats and dogs«. It is true, in most cases cats and dogs are far from being friends, especially if they they don’t know each other well. But there are also ...

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Bobo Cat Loves Being Vacuumed

We all know that in most cases cats and vacuum cleaners don’t fit well together. Usually the cats are afraid of the sound and start running away as soon as possible and as far as they can. But that’s not ...

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Marie Learns Basic Commands

Did you know that cats can learn tricks too? Yes, it is true, not only dogs, but we can also train our cats. In today’s video you can see a lovely Himalayan kitten named Marie showing some nice skills. Orders ...

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Funny Cats Compilation (September 2014)

Have you already seen Funny Cats Compilation from September 2014? Guys did some epic job again with putting together many short cat clips and making a breathtaking cat video compilation. See how your cat can help you clean, how a ...

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