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Gang of Kittens Love Their New House

Who doesn’t like a new house? Even kittens do. Especially if it’s a soft one and with just enough space for three little furry animals. Well, there’s always room for more on the top of the roof.

In today’s video you can see a gang of kittens invading their brand new house. No, it’s not made of stone, it’s as soft as a pillow. Some little fellows prefer being inside, while others prefer the rooftops view.

Let’s have some fun! Let’s turn our new cat house upside down!

Hey, know what? That’s not it, there’s also a second part!

If you have kittens, you probably are already searching the web to see where to buy such an awesome house. Maybe you could use some pillows and make it by yourself? Just an idea. Anyway, we hope you liked the video.

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