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Kitten Meets Hedgehog

Say hi to Harley and Loki!

Harley is a little African Pygmy hedgehog while Loki is a curious little kitten. In today’s video you can see them meeting for the first time! At first they were both scared of eachother – Harley with his head quills faced down and hiding, Loki keeping a safe distance and probably thinking on what to do. »Should I approach him and try to paw him? Should I bite him? No, I bet he is friendly, so I will first just smell him. I might recognise the smell of friendliness.«

If you are questioning yourself why in the second part of the video hedgehog is in a plastic container with a bit of soapy water on the ground, that’s because hedgehogs can take baths too. Oh yes, we learn something new each day… :)

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