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Photo: Jamie McCaffrey (used under CC BY 2.0)

Why Do Cats Eat Grass

It doesn’t matter if you have an indoor or outdoor cat, you can bet at one time or another in their lives they have taken a bite or two of grass. You might see this as an odd behavior, especially since your cat most likely threw up right afterwards, yet they still continue eating grass every once in a while. There is nothing to be worried about however, there is no evidence to support that grass will be harmful to your cat. In fact, many experts believe that their lawn trimming efforts can be of some if not several benefits for your cat.

Eating grass to get rid of other indegestible matter

Cats lack the necessary enzymes to be able to break down and digest vegetable matter which is what causes them to regurgitate. Does your cat just like to throw up? Of course not, but it does serve a purpose, when they eat grass and it is rejected by their digestive track, all indigestible matter is eliminated out of their system and they feel better. This is especially important for outdoor cats, since they eat their prey as is – bones, feathers and all.

Like a healthy smoothie they can’t wholly digest

Just as in their mother’s milk, juice contained in grass also has folic acid. This is an essential vitamin to help the cats bodily functions operate properly.  It assists in the production of hemoglobin, which moves oxygen through the blood. It is sort of a health drink for your cat, or eating a salad.

Eating grass may also act as a natural laxative, a way for your cat to counteract bouts of indigestion. Cats get indigestion and irritable bowels just like humans do, only they don’t have as many options for relief. Most cat owners have experienced the lovely phenomena of wet hair balls all around their houses, presents from their thoughtful cats. When a cat can’t cough up these furballs however, they need a little bit of assistance to break them down and get them out. Cats may have a sixth sense, but it seems to be widespread instinctual knowledge that a little grass can help them to clean out their system, and this saves you a trip to the veterinarian as well.

Watch these feline buddies enjoy eating healthy grass:

Be careful which plants grow in your area

As you can see; all in all, ingesting grass is not a bad thing at all for your cat to do. Grass may even relieve a sore throat. One thing you should be aware of whether you have an indoor or outdoor cat, you should be aware of the types of plants in and around your home. The plants should all be non-toxic in case your cat decides it’s time to snack on them. You may even start a small herbal garden just for your cats use, or a small tray of grass if you have an indoor cat. This gives them a viable option to the grass outside, which may have been treated with pesticides and chemicals that could prove dangerous to your pet.